Canadian Navy chooses Marine Data Equipment

Marine Data…The Obvious Choice

Heading repeaters and alarm units from UK based MARINE DATA SYSTEMS will be installed on twelve Canadian Navy Kingston Class vessels as part of a contract won by Northrop Grumman Sperry (NGS) in Canada. The project will see the Kingston Class Coastal Defence vessels updated with dual Sperry NAVIGAT X MK1™ gyrocompass systems and a full suite of repeater instruments.

Alan Aitken, Regional Director of NGS Canada, commented: “This is an important contract, and the (Canadian) Navy had some specific requirements that we needed to meet, such as a large format digital repeater. It was critical that we partner with a reliable but flexible company to provide the specialised equipment so Marine Data in the UK was the obvious choice. They have a proven track record of supplying quality solutions to the military and to OEMs, and have a healthy can-do approach to solving problems.”

For the contract, Marine Data developed a new MD75HR digital repeater with super large digits, modified their MD73HR Tape Heading Repeaters to accommodate the use of Night Vision Goggles and customised their MD86ALM alarm unit to meet Sperry Marine’s requirements. Marine Data’s new MD04UPS uninterruptible power supplies were also supplied under the contract.


Tight Deadline

John Poyner, Managing Director of Marine Data, said:

“We were delighted to be chosen by NG Sperry for this contract, and our team did a great job in rising to the challenge. Because of the special requirements, we couldn’t start production until the order was confirmed. There was a very short lead time between finally receiving the order and required delivery, but our technical and production teams did a great job and we managed to meet a very tight deadline and budget”.