Marine Data Systems Product Brochures

New Product Brochure Launched

At an evening event held in Southampton, MARINE DATA launched their newly re-designed product brochure in front of an invited audience. The new brochure showcases the latest product range of MARINE DATA navigation instruments and systems.

New products for 2015 include:

  • the new MD75HR LCD Heading Repeater with super large display
  • the new MD72RDI Panoramic Rudder Angle Indicator
  • the new MD/THS Transmitting Heading System
  • and the new MD04UPS Marine Uninterruptible Power Supply

The MARINE DATA team were on hand with their Product Display Console to be able to demonstrate their latest equipment to visitors and to answer both technical and general questions about their product range.

Phil Yearby (right) demonstrates our latest equipment to a delegation of interested Chinese visitors

Showcasing MARINE DATA’s latest product range