MD69BR/BO Bearing Repeater Compass Bowl Only

A Bearing Repeater Bowl to fit all Marine Data Systems’ standard mounting options, or for flush surface mounting.


The MD69BR/BO from MARINE DATA is our standard dual scale NMEA-based heading repeater available as a bowl-only option, ideal for retrofit, replacement or panel mounting. Designed for taking celestial and terrestrial bearings. Equipped with a 36:1 precision dual scale compass card display, digital heading data (ship’s heading) may be conveniently displayed at any location on a vessel.

With a range of mounting options and accessories, the MD69BR/BO offers a bearing repeater solution for most locations and may be bulkhead, surface, panel or stand mounted. Finished in grey to complement other external marine navigation equipment.

The MD69BR/BO Bearing Repeater from MARINE DATA: flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Fits into the standard MARINE DATA gimbal ring system as used with the MARINE DATA MD69BR Repeater (SKU 069018)
  • May be flush-mounted in a panel
  • Dual scale 36:1 precision concentric dial display
  • Balanced for optimal taking of bearings using the optional MD69AZI Azimuth Sight
  • Automatic selection and prioritisation of NMEA heading data type
  • Automatic warning of loss of valid heading data
  • Automatic detection of a previously lost heading data type without requiring a reset
  • True / Magnetic Source Indication
  • Local and remote dimming control


  • Repeats the heading display of a ship’s magnetic or gyro compass at a convenient location on a vessel
  • Allows celestial and terrestrial bearings to be taken when used in conjunction with the MD69AZI Azimuth Sight or the MD69BC Bearing Circle. If gimbal-mounted, the MD60A2K Telescopic Alidade is recommended for making detailed azimuth measurements with this unit


  • Weight: 7.0kg (optimally balanced for Azimuth Sight)
  • Dimensions: H 127mm W 271mm; Body Ø 246mm; Outer dial Ø 185mm; Inner dial Ø 95mm; Verge ring 20mm (visible)
  • Mounting: 2x bearings internal Ø 8mm; distance between bearings 272mm
  • Mounting options: Gimbal & Trunnion; Pelorus Stand and Bulkhead Bracket options available
  • Connections: Multicore cable through watertight gland
  • Construction: Aluminium alloy enclosure
  • Finish:   RAL7040 Window Grey, semi-gloss


  • Power Supply: 24V dc 8W nominal (22-31V dc)
  • Data input: RS422 NMEA 0183; 4800 Baud; others available
  • Data sentences: HDT, HDG and HDM; selected in descending order of priority
  • Cable: 5 m multicore data cable tail


  • Performance: ± 0.01° resolution
  • Follow-Up Rate: 20° per second
  • Gimbal Action: ±45° pitch and roll
  • Display: Dual scale 36:1 rotating dial display
  • Heading LEDs: Blue = True Heading; Yellow = Magnetic Heading
  • Resolution: Outer scale marked at 1°, 5°, 10° & 45°; Inner scale marked at 0.1° & 1°
  • Illumination: LED array with local & remote dimming control; red tint
  • Error Indication: Loss of valid data: Dial oscillates ±35° about the last known good heading; dial illumination flashes


  • IP rating: IP67
  • Operating temp: -25°C to +55°C
  • Shock: STANAG 4549 – NS (0.03; 3.0; 300)
  • Vibration: MIL-Std-167-1A / IEC 60945
  • EMC: MIL-Std-461E / IEC 60945
  • Thermal: MIL-Std-810F / IEC 60945
  • Noise: MIL-Std-1474D <= 53 dB
  • Compass: Safe Distance 100 cm


  • Type Approval: Germanischer Lloyd (GL)


  • Supplied: Bowl only, with 2.5m captive cable. Mountings and junction boxes are optional extras