The MD52A/B contains a highly sensitive magnetic fluxgate coil which detects and follows the movement of a ship’s compass card

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The MD52A/B Ship’s Magnetic Compass Sensor is the sensing element at the heart of a MARINE DATA™ Transmitting Magnetic Compass System (TMC). The MD52A/B contains a highly sensitive magnetic fluxgate coil which detects and follows the movement of the ship’s compass card. The MD52A/B is mounted concentrically on a gimballed host magnetic compass – usually inside the standard ship’s binnacle. The MD52A/B must be connected with the MD97CSP Compass Sensor Interface which drives the coil and provides NMEA 0183 Heading Data which can be forwarded to the ship’s Compass Repeaters.

A TMC system provides a complete alternative (or a backup) to a gyrocompass as a source of Heading. Magnetic Variation and Deviation can be corrected using the MARINE DATA™ MD71THD or MD86HCU to give True Heading. In this way a TMC can provide a source of Heading for Compass Repeaters and other navigation equipment.

The MD52A/B can be used in a simple TMC to drive a precision Steering Repeater at the ship’s steering position. This provides a convenient and accurate display of the ship’s magnetic compass which might be mounted in an inconvenient location. The MD52A/B fits inside most standard compass binnacles without requiring any modifications. Optional mountings are available: the MD54 Mounting Spacer and the MD58 Mounting Bracket.

Engineered in a robust black acetal case, the MD52A/B from MARINE DATA is flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Provides a source of NMEA 0183 Digital Heading Data as part of the complete the MARINE DATA Transmitting Heading Device (THD) System; an alternative (or a backup) system to a gyrocompass as a source of Heading


  • MD53A/B Earth Field Sensing Electro-magnetic Compass
  • MD54 Compass Sensor Mounting Spacer (Self-adhesive to glass of host compass)
  • MD58 Compass Sensor Mounting Bracket (Secures to compass bowl with machine screws)
  • MD71THD Control & Display Unit – Required (for magnetic corrections and for fluctuation damping)
  • MD97CSP Compass Sensor Processor – Required
  • MD86HCU Heading Comparator Unit (Option for magnetic corrections and for fluctuation damping and extensive other functionality)


  • Weight: 0.12 kg
  • Dimensions: H 18 mm; Ø 69 mm
  • Mounting: Fixed to the host magnetic compass
  • Connections: 5-way screened captive cable; 2.5 m
  • Construction: Black Acetal


  • Power Supply: Power is supplied by the MARINE DATA™ MD97CSP Compass Sensor Processor;

10 V; 400 – 500 Hz

  • Data Input: Local magnetic field from host compass card
  • Data Output: 3 phase positional signal
  • Cable: 5 m multicore data cable tail


  • Performance: ± 1° of the host compass card when fitted centrally with respect to the compass and 90 mm axially from a host compass card of 2000 Gauss (CGS); 0.2 Tesla (SI)
  • Follow-Up Rate: Near instantaneous (limited by host compass card)
  • Display: None


  • IP rating: IP65
  • Operating temp: -15°C to +55°C
  • RoHS: Exempt


  • Compass system can be supplied in a Class A1 Binnacle to ISO 25862 and IEC 60945


  • Requires the MD97CSP Compass Sensor Processor to drive the coil, dampen heading fluctuations and provide a digital NMEA heading output
  • Requires the MD71THD to integrate the THD system components, calibrate the system for variation and deviation and display the heading
  • Heading may be forwarded to a range of MARINE DATA Heading Repeaters for display at a convenient location on a vessel
  • Requires host compass manufacturer’s fixing bracket or
    MARINE DATA™ MD58 Mounting Bracket or
    MARINE DATA™ MD54 Mounting Spacer

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