MD22 Mounting Bracket for Bearing Repeater Compasses

The MD22 is a bulkhead mounting bracket for the MD69BR series of Bearing Repeaters and is suitable for internal or external use.

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The MD22 from MARINE DATA is a Bulkhead Mounting Bracket designed for the MARINE DATA MD69BR series of Bearing Repeaters. The bracket is supplied with a MARINE DATA MD69CBW IP65-rated Junction Box suitable for external use and 4x M8 fixings to attach the MD69BR to the top plate. In the back plate there are 6x holes suitable for M8 fixings to secure the bracket to a bulkhead.

The MD22 Bulkhead Mounting Bracket from MARINE DATA: easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • To mount a MARINE DATA MD69BR series of Bearing Repeater securely to an interior or exterior bulkhead and provide terminations for ships cabling
  • To provide a platform suitable for taking bearings using a MARINE DATA MD69BR Bearing Repeater in conjunction with an MD69AZI Azimuth Sight or MD69BC Bearing Circle