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Heading Management

MD76HM Independent Heading Monitor System

MD76HM Heading Monitor Unit & Off Course Alarm

Heading Monitor which triggers an Alarm whenever the vessel deviates from a chosen course by more than a preset amount.

MD86HCU Heading Comparator Unit

MD86HCU Touch Screen Heading Comparator Unit

Touch Screen Heading Comparator which monitors and compares up to four heading sources, with off-course alarm.

MD76HM Independent Heading Monitor System

MD76HM/1 Independent Heading Monitor System

Independent Heading Monitor connecting directly with the ship’s Magnetic Compass & operating independently of all other equipment.

MD86ALM Remote Alarm Accessory

MD86ALM Remote Alarm Accessory

A Remote Alarm designed for the MD86HCU Heading Comparator Unit, with an Acknowledge Alarm Button.

MD86ALM Remote Alarm Accessory

MD86ALM/U Universal Remote Alarm Unit

A Universal Remote Alarm for third party equipment having only one alarm output