MD94HDU Heading Distribution Unit

The MD94HDU from MARINE DATA is a Heading Distribution Unit for connecting independent sources of Heading to the MD86HCU Heading Comparator Unit. These two items of equipment are designed to be installed together.

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The MD94HDU from Marine Data is a Heading Distribution Unit and Terminal Box for connecting independent sources of Heading to the MD86HCU Heading Comparator Unit.

The MD86HCU is quickly and easily connected to the 37-way D-connector on the MD94HDU using a pre-wired 1.5 m multi-core cable.

The MD94HDU enables individual wire termination of up 1.5 mm2 CSA for all connections and is equipped with M20 glands for up to 15 cables. This provides an easy, cost effective and reliable solution for connecting existing ship’s cables to the MD86HCU Heading Comparator Unit.

The MD94HDU provides five individually buffered NMEA 0183 outputs of any one of four specific selected heading inputs for onward distribution to Heading Repeaters or other equipment.

Output distribution may be further expanded by the use of MD94DDU Data Distribution Units; each unit has 9x buffered outputs. The MD94HDU NMEA Data Distribution Unit from Marine Data: Easy to install, quick to configure and simple to maintain.

Special Features

  • 1.5 mm 2 cross-sectional area terminals for ship’s wiring
  • Remote / Common Dimmer Connection (0-24 V dc) for Marine Data Heading Repeaters and other equipment
  • 24 V dc (500 mA max) Supply connection for each NMEA output


  • Allows easy connection of MD86HCU Heading Comparator Unit to Ship’s Cabling
  • Interfaces up to 4x independent sources of Heading with the MD86HCU
  • Allows subsequent distribution of selected input Heading to Compass Repeaters and other equipment

Related Products & Systems

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  • MD94DDU Data Distribution Unit (9x outputs)
  • Marine Data Transmitting Heading Device (THD) systems
  • The full range of Marine Data Compass Repeaters and Display Devices

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