PROMOTION:MD69/21 Bearing Repeater & MD60A2KMD69/21 Bearing Repeater & MD60A2K

Compass Heading Repeaters

A variety of compass heading repeaters designed for all types of vessel


Bearing Repeater Compass Solutions

For displaying gyro compass, magnetic compass (TMC) or satellite compass (GPS) heading types.

Our precision dual-scale Bearing Repeater solutions are fitted to some of the largest ships to sail our seas. Certified to IEC 60945 the MD69 is suitable for any weather condition, whether it be surveying ice in the antarctic, or patrolling the Persian Gulf, the MD69 Bearing Repeater will show the way.

Rudder Angle Sensors & Indicators

Rudder Angle Data displayed anywhere on the vessel

Marine Data offers the most sophisticated Rudder Angle Indicators and Sensors on the market. Ranging from analogue dials or tapes, to digital and panoramic designs. Displaying ships rudder angle around the ship is easy with our tried & tested rudder solutions.


Power & Data Distribution

Our data distribution units & interfaces are relied upon in the most critical of situations

Ship’s heading data, may that be step, synchro, or any NMEA 0183 data may be conveniently relayed to any location on a vessel using our range of Data Distribution Units. Whilst you can rely upon our Interfaces to reliably convert your vessel's data to an alternative format.

Transmitting Heading Systems

Our systems can be easily integrated with third party marine navigation solutions with no compromise to the integrity of data.

Transmitting Magnetic Compass

TMC System


Electro-Magnetic Compass System

EMC System


Innovative solutions to complex marine navigation system requirements

Marine Data Systems Limited, a British multi award-winning manufacturer of marine navigation and control systems for civil, defence and government sectors. Our expert design and engineering team tirelessly provide innovative solutions to complex marine navigation system requirements.

We work together with defence agencies and prime contractors for seamless product integration in new builds and retrofit projects, and our equipment is proudly fitted in the military naval vessels of NATO, the Gulf States and the Far East.

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Market Sectors

Over 40 years we've developed strong, trusting relationships with some of the biggest names in the maritime industry.

Our equipment is proudly fitted to defence naval vessels and submarines of NATO, Gulf States, the Far East and Australasia.

The Commercial side of our business facilitates ongoing navigation for cargo, tankers and workboats.


Navigation for
Leisure & Tourism

We have products on-board highly reputable major cruise ships of the world’s leading operators, such as Disney®.