MD69/21 Pelorus Stand Bearing Compass Repeater

A complete Pelorus Stand solution with fitted precision Bearing Repeater in gimbals for taking celestial and terrestrial bearings

MD69BR Bearing Repeater Compass

MD69BR Trunnion Mount Bearing Compass Repeater

A gimballed dual scale 36:1 precision Bearing Repeater designed for taking celestial and terrestrial bearings

MD68HR Large Dual Scale Steering Repeater Display

A dual-scale Steering Repeater with a fine resolution of one tenth of a degree. Touch panel controls


MD75HR Digital Compass Repeater Display

A Digital Compass Repeater with a large format, easy to read LCD display


MD67HR Weatherproof Dial Compass Repeater

The MD67HR is a weatherproof, IPX6-rated, NMEA-based heading repeater for external use. Digital heading data (ship’s heading) may be conveniently displayed at any location on a vessel.

MD310TS Emergency Dual Rudder Angle Telegraph System

The MD310TS Dual Rudder Angle Telegraph System is an emergency system which derives its power from a safeguarded backup DC power supply.

MD74HR Digital Compass Repeater Display

Digital NMEA-based heading repeater with an LCD display, featuring a high visibility LED Turn Indicator which can display either Rate Of Turn or Course To Steer.

MD71TMC Transmitting Magnetic Compass System

Accurate magnetic heading from a ship’s magnetic compass is transmitted to a remote heading repeater display over a digital NMEA 0183 connection

MD71EMC Electromagnetic Compass System

An Electromagnetic Compass (EMC) System which detects the Earth’s magnetic field directly, and then transmits the ship’s Heading over a NMEA 0183 digital connection to one or more Heading Repeaters, installed at any convenient location on a vessel.

MD203 GNSS Compass & Position Sensor

The MD203 GNSS Compass delivers heading and positioning information, and provides unparalleled continuous performance using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). The robust, rugged housing is sealed for the harshest environments.