MD69/21 Pelorus Stand Bearing Compass Repeater

A complete Pelorus Stand solution with fitted precision Bearing Repeater in gimbals for taking celestial and terrestrial bearings

MD69BR Bearing Repeater Compass

MD69BR Trunnion Mount Bearing Compass Repeater

A gimballed dual scale 36:1 precision Bearing Repeater designed for taking celestial and terrestrial bearings

MD68HR Large Dual Scale Steering Repeater Display

A dual-scale Steering Repeater with a fine resolution of one tenth of a degree. Touch panel controls


MD75HR Digital Compass Repeater Display

A Digital Compass Repeater with a large format, easy to read LCD display


MD67HR Weatherproof Dial Compass Repeater

The MD67HR is a weatherproof, IPX6-rated, NMEA-based heading repeater for external use. Digital heading data (ship’s heading) may be conveniently displayed at any location on a vessel.

MD310TS Emergency Dual Rudder Angle Telegraph System

The MD310TS Dual Rudder Angle Telegraph System is an emergency system which derives its power from a safeguarded backup DC power supply.

MD74HR Digital Compass Repeater Display

Digital NMEA-based heading repeater with an LCD display, featuring a high visibility LED Turn Indicator which can display either Rate Of Turn or Course To Steer.

MD71TMC Transmitting Magnetic Compass System

Accurate magnetic heading from a ship’s magnetic compass is transmitted to a remote heading repeater display over a digital NMEA 0183 connection

MD71EMC Electromagnetic Compass System

An Electromagnetic Compass (EMC) System which detects the Earth’s magnetic field directly, and then transmits the ship’s Heading over a NMEA 0183 digital connection to one or more Heading Repeaters, installed at any convenient location on a vessel.

MD203 GNSS Compass & Position Sensor

The MD203 GNSS Compass delivers heading and positioning information, and provides unparalleled continuous performance using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) which includes GPS and GLONASS