MD69/22 Bulkhead Mount Bearing Compass Repeater

Complete bulkhead mounted Compass bearing repeater assembly with fitted dual-scale MD69BR Bearing Repeater.


The MD69/22  is a complete bracket-mounted Bearing Compass Repeater solution with fitted precision, dual-scale MD69BR Bearing Repeater on gimbal and trunnion mount. In the back plate of the bracket there are 6x holes suitable for M8 fixings (not supplied) for securing to a bulkhead. Suitable for all types of vessel, the MD69/22 is lightweight, easy to install and extremely rugged.

Fitted as standard is an IP65 waterproof terminal box to connect with the vessel’s cabling. Paint finish: RAL7040 Window Grey.

The MD69/22 from Marine Data: Flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Bulkhead Mounting for economical use of space
  • Rugged Aluminium Alloy Construction
  • Precision Dual-Scale 36:1 Bearing Repeater Bowl with Heading Source Indicator (True / Magnetic)
  • Red Tint Illumination with Built-in Rotary Dimming Control
  • Robust construction for the most arduous of environments
  • Integral earth bond from the Terminal Box
  • Type approval by DNVGL


  • To locate a rugged Bearing Repeater compass on an interior or exterior bulkhead where space may be limited and provide terminations for ships cabling
  • To provide a platform suitable for taking bearings using a Marine Data Azimuth device or bearing circle


  • MD69AZI – Azimuth Sight with sun filters, Thomson Pattern – Product F069051
  • MD69BC – Bearing Circle with sighting vanes and shadow pin – Product F069052
  • MD60A2K – Precision Telescopic Alidade – Product F060001


  • MD69BR – Compass Bearing Repeater in Trunnion Mount
  • MD69/21 – Pelorus Stand Compass Bearing Repeater Assembly
  • MD69/24 – Pedestal Stand Compass Bearing Repeater Assembly
  • MD69BR/BO – Bowl Only Compass Bearing Repeater

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