MD60A2K Telescopic Alidade Sight for Bearing Compass Repeaters

The MD60A2K is a Telescopic Alidade for taking precision bearings of distant objects, for use on the MD69 Series of Bearing Compass Repeaters.

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The MD60A2K Telescopic Alidade is a navigational instrument used on board a ship for taking precise terrestrial bearings of distant objects, and is designed for the Marine Data MD69 Series of Bearing Compass Repeaters.

This precision telescopic alidade sight is equipped with a 7 x 38mm magnification telescopic sight, with a prismatic optical system which superimposes a sectional view of the compass card in the viewfinder, when viewed through the telescope. This means an extremely accurate bearing can be taken of a distant object.

The MD60A2K Telescopic Alidade from Marine Data: Reliable in use, simple to install and easy to maintain.


  • 7 x 38 mm Magnification
  • Anti-glare Polarising Filters
  • Fully sealed and pressurised optics
  • Adjustable eyepiece
  • Telescope has internal reticule wire
  • Equipped with bubble spirit level
  • Supplied with durable plastic instrument case
  • Ingress protection to IP67


  • For taking accurate terrestrial bearings of distant objects
  • To fit the Marine Data MD69BR Bearing Compass Repeater (Not Included)


  • MD69AZI – Azimuth Sight
  • MD69BC – Bearing Circle
  • MD69BR – Bearing Compass Repeater
  • MD69/21 – Pelorus Stand Assembly with Mounted Bearing Compass Repeater

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