MD69BC Bearing Circle Sight for Bearing Compass Repeaters

The MD69BC is a traditional vane type Bearing Circle which allows an observer to take compass bearings by aligning the two sighting vanes with the object.

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The MD69BC is a traditional vane type Bearing Circle which allows an observer to take a compass bearing, by aligning the two sighting vanes with a distant object. The near vane contains a peep sight while the far vane contains a vertical sighting wire. A diametric horizontal wire from the near vane to the far vane enables the observer to read the bearing from the Compass Repeater card.

A reflector vane positioned behind the far vane allows the observer to observe azimuths of luminous celestial bodies (stars and planets) at various altitudes by picking up their reflection in the black mirror. When the body is observed, its reflection appears behind the vertical wire in the far vane. The MD69BC is supplied with a removable shadow pin which indicates the azimuth of the sun by the direction of its shadow.

The instrument is finished in a semi-gloss black paint to complement other external marine navigation equipment and is supplied in a wooden instrument box.

The MD69BC Bearing Circle from Marine Data: flexible in application, easy to use and simple to maintain.


  • Traditional Vane Type Bearing Circle
  • Complete with Removable Shadow Pin, Folding Vanes and Reflecting Mirror
  • Non-Magnetic Naval Brass Construction


  • For taking accurate terrestrial bearings of distant objects
  • To fit the Marine Data MD69BR Bearing Repeater Compass



  • Weight: 1.0 kg
  • Dimensions: OD Ø 254 mm; H 143 mm (with shadow pin)
  • Mounting: Fits the MD69BR Bearing Repeater; bezel Ø 9.7 inch (246.4 mm)
  • Construction: Marine Grade Naval Brass
  • Finish: RAL9005 satin black paint


  • IP rating: n/a
  • Operating temp: -10°C to +70°C
  • Compass: Safe Distance 50 cm


  • Supplied: Wooden Instrument Box
  • Supplied: Shadow Pin (removable)

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