MD69CPC Canvas Protective Cover for Bearing Repeater

Weather Protection for the MD69BR Compass Bearing Repeater. Tough canvas construction with secure drawstring fastening and cord lock

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The MD69CPC Canvas Protective Cover provides tough protection for the MARINE DATA MD69BR Bearing Repeater when located in exposed positions on deck. The hard-wearing protective cover is designed to provide reliable protection from water ingress, salt, guano and UV light in order to preserve the finish of the MD69BR.
Once securely fixed, the positioning of the cover is unaffected by strong wind conditions. The drawstring fastening allows for the rapid removal of the cover when required.
The MD69CPC Protective Cover from MARINE DATA: easy to secure and simple to maintain.


  • Weatherproof canvas construction
  • Simple drawstring and toggle fastening


Weather protection for a deck-mounted MD69BR Bearing Repeater in all mounting options:
Surface Mounted – MD69BR
Pelorus Stand Mounted – MD69/21
Bulkhead Bracket Mounted – MD69/22


Fits the following:


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