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Marine Data to Attend Miami International Boat Show 2018

Marine Data Systems and our sister company Comar Systems, are pleased to announce that we will be attending the Miami International Boat Show. The 5-day boat show promises to provide a plethora of diverse marine products and services, with vast networking opportunities.

Marine Data Systems will be showcasing our market-leading heading repeaters, including the MD68HRMD77HR & MD71HR

Whilst Comar Systems will be exhibiting their latest in Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) vessel tracking equipment

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About the event organisers

Over 1,700 companies that are NMMA members, produce more than 80% of the marine products used by recreational boaters and anglers in the United States. The North American pleasure boat market represents fully half of the global demand for these products and services, roughly $39.5 billionannually in just the United States alone.

Visit their website here: National Marine Manufacturers Association


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