MD67HR Weatherproof Dial Compass Repeater

Weatherproof Heading Repeater with 118mm compass dial display in a compact, powder coated aluminium casing with rotary control.


The MD67HR is a weatherproof, IPX6-rated, NMEA-based heading repeater for external use. Digital heading data (ship’s heading) may be conveniently displayed at any location on a vessel. The MD67HR has a tough polycarbonate faceplate and a rotary encoder for varying the background illumination.

Compact and rugged, the MD67HR offers a heading repeater solution for locations where the available space is limited and may be either bulkhead or panel mounted. Finished in jet black to complement other marine navigation equipment. Equipped with LED indicators and automatically displays the heading source in use (True or Magnetic).

The MD67HR from Marine Data: flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • IPX6 Weatherproof Marinised Heading Repeater
  • Traditional Marine Compass Card Display
  • NMEA Digital Input
  • True and Magnetic Heading Source Indicators
  • Bulkhead or Panel Mount Options
  • Rotary Dimming Control
  • Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Type Approval


  • External use on a seagoing vessel
  • Repeats the heading display of a ship’s magnetic compass, electromagnetic compass or gyro compass at any convenient location on a vessel


  • Panel Mounting Kit (Supplied)
  • Remote Dimmer Control (0-24 V dc)
  • Bulkhead Bracket Mounting Kit
  • Sun Shield MD67


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